What are Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships?

Buy Here Pay Here Car


bhph dealership, which is short for Buy here pay here dealership,  does not differ much from auto financing. When you have a bad credit report, financial institutions such as banks are unsure if they will lend you money or not.

During such times, buy here pay here car lots make sure your car loan gets approved by the car dealer itself. Therefore, this eliminates the need for a middleman or any other 3rd-party institutions which allows car buyers to save more money.


Buy here pay here dealerships give you the freedom to choose your dream car and drive it home without any unnecessary paperwork and delay. When you visit a buy here pay here car lot, all you need to bring is your proof of billing and your latest proof of income statement.

Buy here pay here dealerships offering a variety of loans which allows car buyers to freely choose a car with interest rates that suit the client’s terms and conditions.

With that being said, buy here pay here car dealers usually have an in-house financing unit. This type of financing option processes your payments and directly gets deposited to the dealer.

Provided that, the auto financing loan is directly through the buy here pay here dealership, without any involvement of any financial institutions. Through this car buyers can make weekly, bi-weekly, and even a monthly payment for this kind of car dealerships.


 How Does BHPH Car Dealerships Work for You?

uy Here Pay Here Car


The bhph dealership exclusively deals with car buyers who have been turned away from traditional financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and auto loan companies. This is due to the following issues:

  • Bad credit
  • Poor credit score
  • Monthly payment default history
  • Preceding bankruptcy

Given the following pointers, the above mentioned financial institutions may also deny auto loan (or any type of loan in particular) for clients with the following factors:

  • Low monthly income
  • Students
  • Unemployed
  • Even divorcees

Advantages of Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

uy Here Pay Here Car


The main advantage of buy here pay here dealerships is that, car buyers are able to own a vehicle of their choice without worrying about whether their car loan will be approved or not.

With that being said, listed below are the other advantages of the bhph dealership:

Car Loan Pre-approval – Before you select a car, your auto loan application will be considered and pre-approved, you can even apply online and get pre-approved as well. This is so that car buyers like you will know which car you can afford, instead of constantly wondering about how much money you need to have to pay the monthly payment on-time.

    • Trade-in – If you do not have the cash to pay the initial down payment of the auto loan no need to worry. With buy here pay here dealerships, you can simply trade-in your old car and get a good value yet high-quality car in exchange, or you can get a different vehicle with the same qualities and price range of your car.
    • Either way, buy here pay dealerships to assure you that the cars they sell are slightly used. This means that you don’t need to worry about whether you need to allot money for car repair, etc.
    • Improves Credit Score – If you secure a good car loan with competitive terms that you can pay off in your preferred schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), then you have a good chance of improving your credit score.  This is simply by paying the monthly payment on-time or even before the scheduled date. With bhph dealership, car buyers are given the scope to look at a greater number of dealerships offering a few years down the line.


  • Buy Used Cars – Buying a used car is another good advantage that you can do when you go to buy here pay here car lots. If you are thinking about the vehicles’ quality, worry not as the cars that are being sold in these car lots are used but not abused. The vehicles they sell all underwent quality control and other necessary requirements to ensure car buyers like you that buying a used car is not always associated with poor quality.


Given the following factors above, buy here pay here dealerships are a good place to go for clients with poor credit score and/or bad credit history. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest bhph dealership near you! You will surely get a great deal with the auto financing options that they offer.