Tips for Getting Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit loan

As you should know by now, your credit history is crucial in getting an approval for a car loan. Purchasing a car when you have poor credit score can be tough but not impossible. There are bad credit loans out there.

Tips for Getting Bad Credit Car Loans as a Bad Credit Car Financing

Here are some tips that you can use when trying to get auto financing from dealers or financial institutions while having poor credit:

      1.Work on Your Credit First

Maybe it would be better to postpone your car shopping until you have improved your credit score. The moment you think that you want to buy a new car, you should check your credit right away and if it is not good, work on improving by paying your bills on time and dispute any errors that can have a negative impact on your credit.

  1. Avoid Additional Bad Credit Behavior when taking Bad Credit Car Loans

While you’re working on improving your credit score, make sure that you avoid behavior that can pull it down again. Do not let your efforts go to waste. Don’t get new obligations like new credit cards, avoid late payments, and other similar actions or inaction.

  1. Check the Interest Rates First

Before you go shopping for a car, you should do some research on the current interest rates for auto loans that are available. This is part of being prepared. By doing this piece of research, you will know what to expect when you start talking to dealers.

 Interest Rates First

If you have good credit, you can expect to get an interest rate that is below average but with bad credit, you can expect something above that. You should be on the lookout for anyone who tries to give you more than double the average rate. It should never be that high.

  1. Go for a Bigger Down Payment

Another negative effect of having bad credit is that it will limit the overall size of the loan that you can get. Add the fact that you will probably get a higher interest rate than the average and so your loan becomes even smaller. By making a larger down payment than usual can offset the effects of having a bad credit.

  1. Be Sure about What You Can Pay

When you are out shopping for a car, there is that tendency to overestimate how much you can pay. Avoid that mistake by making sure that you know what you can afford to pay before you go shopping for a car.

What You Can Pay

You can do that by finding out how much money you have left after paying all the bills each month. Stick to what you can afford.

  1. Try to Get Pre-Approved

If you are really serious about getting a car, the realistic move is to get pre-approved and the best way to get pre-approved would be through banks and credit unions. If you cannot get pre-approved through those, then ask a dealer if they know of lenders who work with buyers who have bad credit.

  1. Forget about the Extras

Buying a car while having a bad credit not only means you may have limited choices, it could also mean that you will have to forget about getting some of the features that you want. Features like top of the line sound system, sunroof, or leather seats will be beyond your means since you will only have a limited loan amount. You just have to accept that.

  1. Non Profit Agencies

There are some non-profit agencies that provide loans or vehicles to individuals with low income. Find out if your state has a non-profit agency that can help you out. It would be a great way to get the financing to get your car.

  1.  Careful with On Site Financing

There are some dealers that also offer financing. You buy the car from them and they also provide you with the loan. That sounds so much more efficient. Unfortunately, getting financing from these dealers can be problematic. They have a reputation for:

  • Being overpriced
  • Selling low quality vehicles
  • Overall taking advantage of buyers with bad credit

So, the point is that it would be better for you to avoid these dealers altogether.

  1. Read the Paperwork

Reading the documents for your car loan can be boring. There is no going around that and you have to force yourself to read it. You must read the whole document before you sign it. Be sure that it matches what the dealer has told you. Be wary of dealers who will try to trick you into signing a document with terms that are different from what you have agreed on.

  1. Be on the Lookout for Scams

We have been mentioning reminders about this previously. Unfortunately, many dealers will try to scam you if they can. You do not have to study all the tricks and scams that they do but you just have to be on the lookout if they try to pull a fast one on you.

  1.  Don’t Hope for a Trade in

Some dealers will get buyers to agree to buy a car because the dealer will tell them that they can trade it in the next year. Do not fall for that trick. Sure you can trade in your car but when you do that, you are adding the balance of the old loan to the new one. That means you will be paying for two loans. You should only trade in your car if you are able to improve your credit.

  1. Get a Co-Signer

This is probably the easiest way that you can get a car loan even if you have bad credit. By having a co-signer, you are giving assurance to the lenders. It might not be that easy to find a co-signer, but it would be worth it.

These are just some of the tips that you can try in order to get an auto loan even though you have bad credit. But do not limit yourself to what you read from this list. There are plenty of other things that you can try in order to  get that bad credit car loans.

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