Bad Credit Car Finance Option for Auto Loan Seekers


Proven Ways to Qualify for Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Finance

When it comes to any kind of loan application, it’s much better if you are well-informed about the ins and outs of auto loan purchasing.

The choice you make is extremely important considering the time payments you have to complete in several months or years.

However, if you are in urgent need of having a car for the purpose of daily commute like going to and from your office, sending your kids to school and fetching them up or other important errands you have to catch up, there are trusted financial institutions that can help you in applying for a vehicle loan.

But if you are a car buyer with unimpressive credit history, there’s a possibility that you will be declined of loan application.

Thankfully, you can now opt for a bad credit car finance from lenders who are willing to risk and extend their help to guide you throughout the loan process.

Here are some tips on how to be eligible for a car loan.

1. Mind Your Credit History

If you are stuck of having a huge amount of balances from your previous credit cards, bills and other accounts, then prioritize clearing up your poor credit history first.

There are lenders who take a look at your credit reports and if they found out how you deal with your finances in the past, there’s a possibility that you will be declined of a loan application.


2. Seek a Loan Pre-Approval

To avoid frustration from being denied of a loan, it is better to get a pre-approval from banks or credit unions.

Once you know your status, that would be the time you can start with the car shopping process. It would give you the freedom to choose which make and model is suitable for the loan amount being granted to you by the lender.

It also allows you to know the interest rate you have to settle and to budget something for the monthly or yearly dues.


3. Avoid Fraud and Unclear Information

Fraud and Unclear Information

When applying for a loan, it’s unavoidable that an auto financing company would ask you about your current financial situation.

Thus, when signing up for a car loan, do not falsify your documents as well as your identity. Providing false information can possibly lead you to face legal charges.

Additionally, the information you filled in can be used by loan professionals to investigate if you are deserving to be approved of a loan.

They can determine if you have the capability to return the loan you have borrowed during the entire loan term.


4. Have a Stable Means of Income

It’s a priority for lenders to find out if you can comply with the monthly payments for an auto loan.

Oftentimes, they require you to have a stable job and other cash flow sources that provide them with a guarantee that you can repay them on the agreed time.

Especially for people with poor credit rating, lenders encourage borrowers to have at least a minimum of two years of work history, but if you are self-employed or have a new job, you can give them a clear explanation of your status.


5. Aim for Easy Payment Terms

If you plan to buy a car but apprehensive about the interest and hidden charges you have to pay, compare the interest rates and the terms of the loan prior to filing for credit application.

It is also recommended that you sign up for the best deal that come with hassle-free and clear payment terms.

On the other hand, some people choose the shorter loan tenure because this implies paying for lower interest and fair annual percentage rates.

But depending on your choice, what matters most is to balance your finances.


6. Avoid Making a New Debt


For some, making a new debt to pay off their past financial obligations is a solution. This is a personal choice, but there are other ways to pay off your debt and eventually improve your credit rating.

Once you have gradually improved your FICO score, perhaps by eliminating your credit card bills and staying away from charge-offs, you have bigger chances of getting your car loan approved.


7. Avoid Expensive Add-Ons

Once you have been approved of a car loan, you don’t need those pricey add-ons yet especially if you still have monthly obligations to make.

Your car dealerships may convince you of getting a paint protection, rust-proofing and other extras, but this can eventually lead up to headache because it can put more weight to the price of sales.


8. Show that You Are Knowledgeable about Loans

It’s beneficial if you know where to find legit financing options in your state and how these car loans work for people with bad credit.

This way, you can spare yourself from the headaches of paying higher interest rates because you have looked around for different lenders, compared their loan rates and terms, and found something that gives you the best deal and the car make and model that fits your needs.

Aside from that, knowing something about loan helps you avoid errors and lapses that are financially related.


9. Stick to Your Financial Limits

Having your credit checked by qualified lenders and proven that you boost your credit score is a positive indicator that you will be approved of a car loan.

It is always important to assess yourself where you stand financially and apply for something within your means.

The pre-approval of your loan will help you determine your monthly fees during the entire duration of the loan, and you should stick on this and avoid lenders who will entice you to sign up for a loan with higher rates.


10. Utilize a Car Affordability Calculator

Determine how much you can afford to pay based on the amount of income you are receiving through a car affordability calculator.

When using this tool, you can identify how your down payment amount, terms and interest of your car loan affect the cost of the vehicle you can afford.


In car financing, there’s no quick fix in getting an immediate approval for a car loan because everything undergoes a process, but taking a bad credit loan is so far the best option to get the key of your brand-new car in exchange of a specific interest rate.

Yet some of the smartest ways to finance a car is to give at least 20% down payment.

Paying less than that will lead you to paying more than your car’s worth.

Nevertheless, all of these are the positive steps to rebuild your financial credit, and this is a decision you have to live with for several days.